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Proudly serving the Toronto GTA since 1986 with expert skylight installations, repairs and replacement. Over 80% of our work involves fixing skylight problems created by other trades. If you live in Toronto and would like a new skylight installed or are having issues with an existing skylight, we can help. We consider it our duty to provide our clients with the best information and service available in today's skylight market.

With over 24 years of experience and know-how, Metro Skylite is your best choice for skylight installation and repair in the Toronto area, and now we have expanded to Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax.

We also retail and ship across Canada top quality skylight products to other Canadian cities. If you wish to purchase a skylight product through us, we can give you good advice and a discount.

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  Why purchase your skylight from us?

If you wish to purchase a skylight it is important that you get the right skylight for the job. We carry many brands of skylights that have all been tested by us and measure up to our standards of excellence. Please call our office and one of our friendly technicians will guide you to the best possible skylight to suit your needs and provide you with a no-obligation quote on supplying the skylights, anywhere in Canada or the USA. We will even offer helpful installation advice to save you time and money.

Here are some ways we can help -

10 Year Warranty on Workmanship (unless otherwise specified)

10yrOur warranty is the best in the business. We promise to make good on any water leaks that result from our work for a period of 10 years from the installation date. Unlike most other companies we will also make good on any interior plaster or paint damage that could result from such an unlikely event.  Because of our high standards of workmanship and our dedication to providing our customers with the right skylight for the application, our warranty department is the most boring job at Metro Skylite.

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Please contact us to consult on any skylight services or
to purchase skylight products.

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An ECO Friendly Company

We recycle our packaging and portions of old skylights that are replaced by us and in an effort to limit what goes to the landfill site from our operations. We only install Energy Star rated products. We will inspect for adequate insulation in the area of the skylight when the work is being carried out.

To avoid excessive pollution from our trucks we have an
eco-friendly email quoting method you can try.

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